MEAT FREE COP16- 肉食絕跡 COP16- 鼓勵各國與會代表改採植物性飲?買屋網an>ze:1px">視?土地買賣T聊天室?
主旨: MEAT FRE 婚禮佈置E COP16 - 做出真正永續的選擇 - Mantener a COP16 verdaderamente 室內設計sostenibleSend a message to COP16 delegates , their actions should reflect the findin 酒店打工gs of various official reports on how livestock and animal products are detrimental to the planet and how by swi 酒店打工tching to a VEGAN would be the first sustainable approach for a solution to climate change. I kindly ask that you share our camp 酒店經紀aign which encourages delegates attending COP16 to maintain a meat free diet.... Please Share !!!! 敬請閱讀以下資訊,並點擊此處 發送信件給各國參與COP16 禮服的代表們  .
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