The Language matters That how you can see so many good Chinese man born in "Who.Nun" (Because majority people there is righteous people, really do blame self first before blame anyone else, the down side is man does not want to ban woman from doing any thing that man can do, therefore, no way to grow up really "Ann.Yu.10"-"Inn.衰" to fully support "Young.盛") "Jer.John" ("Shoot.Sean.Man.Deed" does not short of "Ann.Yu.10" G2000"Duck.Job.Great.Show"; the down side is you know how to read and write good Chinese traditional words, you should not give birth at the first place. "Duck.Job.Great.Show" cannot even do better than "Chin.Load.Yan.G"<Because woman group together always following low lower lowest, the "Ducker" "Job" she rooted, the lower she must fall; therefo 小型辦公室re, no way to win that "Sin.Down.Inn.Zhi" "Chin.Load.Yan.G">, not mention to help any mankind to be better; the hanging **"永垂.Boot.Show"** point is "Shoot.Sean.Man.Deed" "Duck.Job.Great.Show" has shame, therefore, she/they would not ever commit shameless crime; as long as your woman can have shame, your nation must be unshakeable.) area; how come Cantonese and "Foo 好房網l.Jane"/"Mean.Nun.What" speakers are too suck to know how to love China Dynasty to help Chinese to be better no matter how high he/she/they educated, how rich how religious he/she/they may be. Why those good Chinese man born in "Who.Nun" "Jer.John" area no way to saved China out of fall? Because there's no any Chinese dialect (Among all Chinese dialect, so called "Bay.Jean.What" is the 買屋網 worst one, anyone dare show up on stage to show any bit of "Bay.Jean.腔", you know how to kill or how to murder, you must do your duty to kill that sucking "Jean.Pen.Zi" immediately; because "Jean.Pen.Zi" committed not only "What.Sir.Ten.Drew" lie but also committed "Moon.Zhong.5.Ren" suck, must more deserve to be killed than any snake or mouse showing in front of your sight.) can grow up good Chinese woma 術後面膜n (I am not a real good Chinese woman, I am a Chinese American, a trashed Chinese woman to rely on her best will earned best luck to survive herself to tell like that Chinese said "Joe.Bean.Chen.Liang.1"), without good Chinese woman (In order to grow good Chinese woman, she has to speak perfect Mandarin [Because only perfect Mandarin speaker can stand firm by self], and she has to learn every thing by herself privately. Why she has 酒店工作to learn every thing privately? Because woman/female is "Inn.Sin" no way "Show.Sheng" not mention "7.Job.Zhi.Gwall.Ping.Ten.Shot"; the only good woman/female can help herself to help mankind is "Young.Sin"; in order "Young.Sin", she has to stay at her own place to please God order that Chinese said "順.Ten.Mean"; in order to afford to be "順.Ten.Mean", she has to stay at her own place so that she can afford to be absolute Honest and Free [That how woman 裝潢must not speak any Chinese dialect, because she speaks any dialect, she has no way to be honest to herself, not mention absolute honest to anyone else; not mention to be free. Because all Chinese dialect is rooted special interests group, no way to free honestly. You can speak read write English only after you become an absolute free honest person. That how politician must not know how to speak read write English<That how the form of USA lie must gone ##all western medical medicin 租房子e tie or link must gone replaced with Natural wild plant that used by good better best Chinese traditional doctor; any sick that out of good Chinese doctor power to deal, must leave that sick to starve to die under open sky or on his/her/their own bed freely or under a best sniper gun shot freely ##, replaced with your military rule, government may exist in order to work for your military like manager work for his boss to service you the people absolute Free of Charge>, only absolute private c 酒店工作itizen and lifetime religion career person may speak read write English. Because English is "Inn.Sin" language, no way to help mankind to be better but dragon down his "Young.Gun.Zhi.7".] to make up mankind must have no way afforded.)  to help good Chinese man, no matter how good that Chinese man may be, he just has no way to fully score all "Show.Sheng.7.Job.Zhi.Gwall.Ping.Ten.Shot" points. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .
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